Not everyone who writes right, spells well

The Dyslexic Writer is here to help dyslexics get their books published. We understand that communicating great ideas and stories is about more than perfect spelling and a thoroughly proofread manuscript.

But what we're really interested in is new and original ideas that we can share with the world. We're an independent publishing company set up to help people who have always wanted to write but feel that the way they write might be an obstacle.

Creativity and the need to express yourself goes deeper than knowing how to spell perfectly. Bad handwriting shouldn't be an issue when it comes to writing amazing stories that the world need to enjoy.

So if you've got the dyslexic advantage or even if you're one of those other people, who didn't have trouble spelling, we'd love to hear from you.

Send us your manuscripts

If you think you've written the next best sell, send it over to us and we'll see what we think.

A publisher for people who don't always spill will.

It's the creativity and stories that matter, not perfect spelling.